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We care about your safety! Check back here for regular weather alerts.

1/17/2022 –  11:30am –  Today’s storm began with a few flakes, and quickly transitioned to rain.  We have been monitoring this since 3am. Due to the frozen ground, ice accumulated even with air temperatures in the upper 30’s.  Because our sites had salt residual, icing was reduced, and additional salt was only used in the worst of areas as the rain was too heavy to make a difference.  Temps are now in the 40’s and salting crews are scheduled for dispatch at 4pm this afternoon to begin post treatment, before a likely freeze-up.  

1/7/2022 – 5 AM – Light now has begun to fall across the area, and sites with dedicated crews are either on-site or in route.  Properties that utilize salt were pre-treated early Thursday morning.  The storm is expected to intensify quickly, perhaps exceeding 1″ of snow per hour.  Early reports from Uxbridge, MA report snowfall rates of 2″ per hour.  This combined with increasing winds will cause poor visibility and travel conditions.  We expect to be fully staffed at 8 AM, with crews dispersing by 9AM.  Crews will perform “break-out” services throughout the day to keep sites passable.  It is expected that that snow ends mid to late afternoon, at which point we will begin “final” clean-ups, though we must wait for the municipal crews to first perform their work.  Overnight, significant winds are expected, and this will likely cause drifting in areas.  Such drifting, along with fuel fills and parking stalls, will be checked on Saturday.  Today is a great day to stay home if able.

12/25/2021 – The Christmas storm is expected to last to dawn of the 26th.  Due to forecasted freezing rain and snow amounts of less than 4″, it is best to limit plowing until close to the end to reduce glazing.  Crews will be dispatched for most accounts at 3am on the 26th.  Sites requiring dedicated 24 hr service will be staffed as usual. 

12/22/2021 – Early AM & Afternoon – We are expecting a short period of freezing rain, this morning which should transition to rain that ends mid-afternoon.  Properties have residual salt from the last snowstorm, and many commercial properties had additional salt applied yesterday afternoon in anticipation of this event.  Crews were in at 3am and will monitor for additional services, and return this afternoon for a full round of salt to drives and walkways as it is likely we will have a rapid refreeze.  This salting will also help ensure a decent level of safety for the Christmas holiday.

12/17/2021 – Pre-Dawn – We completed pre-salting of properties early this morning, allowing our crews time to rest before the anticipated storm. In looking ahead to Saturday afternoon, we are expecting our first full snow event, with a general 3-6″ of snow expected by daybreak Sunday.  Dedicated sites will have staff arrive near first flake, with most other crews reporting to work at about 1″-2″ of accumulation.  With being the first storm of the year, we encourage all operators to take a little extra time as they navigate their routes in the dark.  All crews will be working through the event until finals are completed Sunday morning.  The office phone will be staffed for most of the event.  Managers will be in the field assisting new operators.  Any emergency should be called in to the office, as emails to managers are often not seen until the next business day.

12/7/2021 – Pre-Dawn – Most moisture from yesterday’s rain has dried up, however some ice has been reported due to shaded areas where ground temperatures remain below freezing.  In anticipation of a disturbance Wednesday to Thursday morning, we took the opportunity early this morning to pre-salt properties and train new crew members.  This management method helps to mitigate slippery conditions and ultimately reduces environmental impact as it reduces the compaction of snow and ice, thus less salt is used.   

11/27/2021 – The rain that began yesterday, transitioned into snow showers early this morning.  Because ground temperatures are still above freezing, we have not observed any icing yet.  Air temperatures are forecasted to drop below freezing near daybreak, so salt crews are out applying product to certain commercial properties and monitoring all others.  More unsettled weather is expected Sunday into Monday.

11/8/2021 – Pre-Winter Preparations!  As we continue with Fall Clean-Ups, we must also prepare for snow management.  The majority of our winter equipment is stored indoors during the summer months to reduce degradation by the sun.  This equipment was taken out of storage at the beginning of October and is in the process of being readied for winter operation.  Crews have begun staking properties and placing salt barrels on sites.  Routes are being finalized and annual training will begin shortly.  With the upgrade of our website, it is our intent to post our storm management plans before each storm, with possible updates as we feel needed during or after the weather event, to keep our clients posted.  


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