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12/4/2023 3am – The rain/snow line moved closer to the coast in the early morning hours, so salt crews are out checking properties.  The I-95 to route 1 line is generally the snow line, where properties along the ocean stayed all rain.  Crews will continue to monitor as long as the threat of freezing/accumulation remains.  A more wide spread freezing situation will occur this evening, mixed with minor accumulations.  Again, salt crews will be dispatched accordingly.


3/14/2023 Noon – The highly anticipated nor’easter has arrived.  It is expected to deliver 6-10″ of heavy wet snow, along with winds exceeding 50mph.  Dedicated crews are arriving to their sites now, while the remaining staff will have a staggered dispatch between 2 and 4pm.  The heaviest snowfall is likely between 4-8pm, with the majority of precipitation done be 3am.  With warming temps tomorrow, we have a goal of completing finals before daybreak and even if a slight coating falls, it should melt with the combination of temps, sun, and salt.  These storms are particularly dangerous for our sidewalk crews who are most exposed to the elements.  If conditions warrant, they will be pulled from the field after their initial breakout round and return for the final round.  Return visits for parking stalls and other post storm details will be done during the day on Wednesday.  

3/3/2023 9:30am – What looks to be the largest snow storm of the season is upon us.  Latest forecasts indicate 12-18″ of heavy wet snow, with substantial winds.  These conditions will make for near blizzard conditions and driving will be difficult at best.  Our crews are making final preparations at this time, and storm operations dispatch is anticipated to occur between 1-4am tomorrow am for all service segments.  With snowfall rates exceeding 1″ per hour expected, coupled with the weight of wet snow, clearing will be continuous until a lull in the action, likely a short break around dinner time Saturday.  Customers are asked to be sure to have cars parked in a manner that allows for proper plowing, and to ensure door mats and papers are taken in to avoid snowblower damage.  This storm will require all staff members, including members of the management team to assist.  Tree damage and power outages are likely.  If you are able, please enjoy the day at home and don’t venture out.

3/2/2023 10:00am – Another day, another failed forecast.  Crews are being assembled to clear the 1-2″ of wet snow that has fallen this morning instead of the expected rain.  The snow is very wet, and with colder temperatures coming this evening, it must be cleared so it doesn’t freeze in place.  Salt alone would not be sufficient.  

2/28/2023 6:15am – Today’s storm has started earlier than expected, and with much more intensity.  Last evening it was forecasted that we would have 2″ by noon today.  We are already there at 6am.  With that said, we are mobilizing all crews ASAP.  Some are already in, and the rest are enroute to the office.  If the forecasts holds true, the event seems to be lengthened until almost daybreak Wednesday.  As soon as it ends, we will do our final clearing, with 1 or 2 breakout visits until then depending on how much falls.

2/23/2023 1:35pm – Storm update – As noted in our 2/21 post, the storm has trended to a lesser accumulation scenario, however it is more of a split event.  The majority of the precipitation ended mid-morning with most areas seeing about 4″.  Crews are finishing up with clearing the majority of this snow, however there will be many details that will wait until after the second wave of precipitation this evening.  Crews will get a much deserved break from late afternoon today until about midnight or 1am Friday.  This second batch of precipitation is expected between 8pm and 2am, in the amounts of 1-3″.  An additional note:  Colder temperatures with still relatively warm ground temperature is causing snow to melt, then freeze once exposed to air after plowing/shoveling.  Though most properties do have salting services, caution should be given to isolated areas that get little to no salt, and during the time period between plowing and salt application/activation.

2/21/2023 9:45am – Our lengthy break from winter weather is about to end.  Multiple threats of weather are lined up for the next two weeks, though these forecasts are constantly changing.  Roughly speaking, a coating to 2″ is possible this evening, followed by a larger storm predawn Thursday to Friday morning, and other unsettled weather next week.  Most properties currently have a coating of salt already on the ground.  We will have staff on-call tonight if any additional efforts are needed.  The results of this first system will determine if additional salt is needed prior to the larger event.  The larger event started as a long duration 12″+ event, but is trending to be less on both accumulation and duration.  We expect crews out all day Thursday and through the evening as well.  Again, we will dispatch crews as is appropriate for these ever changing events.  Any concerns should be called into our office at 883-6000, as emails are not checked too often during the event.  

1/22/2023 7:30am – Our next storm system that was originally forecasted as a warm and mostly rainy event, is now looking like 6-8″ of heavy snow starting late this evening and going through the day on Monday.  Our timing and approach will be the same as the last two storms, staffing our dedicated commercial sites at 10pm this evening, and all other plowing operators at 1am tomorrow.  Shoveling crews will dispatch at 3am.  All staff members will be in for the duration of the event, taking structured breaks around the snow intensity and time of day respectively.  With another possible substantial snowstorm likely Wednesday into Thursday, there won’t be much rest for crews as Tuesday will be a busy day of repairs and preparation.  That storm also looks to follow the same timeline, but we will update this page before it arrives.  If the opportunity arises, please thank your plow or shovel worker.  A little appreciation is like an hour nap! 

1/20/2023 1:00am – This winter storm we expect 6-8″ of snow.  Dedicated site crews arrived at 10pm last evening, and all other crews arrive between now and 3am, and will continue to do their breakout rounds until the storm slows and completing this evening for final clean-ups.

1/16/2023 11:30am update – Crews mostly completed the clean-up of the sleet snow mix we received overnight.  The prior forecasted lingering snow showers and sleet is now forecasted as a redeveloping system that could bring an additional 3-5″ through 2am tomorrow.  Crews are rotating out on short breaks as conditions allow, but we expect to continue operations through final clean-up tomorrow morning.  Roads remain snow covered in most areas, so use caution if you do need to venture out.

1/15/2023 1pm – A coastal storm is expected to push into our service area late this evening.  Properties were pretreated with salt yesterday evening.  Zero tolerance commercial accounts can expect staff from the onset of precipitation, roughly 8pm, and the company will dispatch all staff near 3am Sunday.  We expect 2-3″ with lingering snow and sleet throughout Monday.  Crews will be in as long as necessary to clean and treat properties.

1/12/2023 6pm – Though warming temps and rain are expected later tonight, some ice glazing is happening on untreated surfaces in our service area, and plowable snow just inland.  Our accounts had salt residual from the last weather event, and we also have had crews out monitoring for additional service since mid day today.  As the heavier rain moves in, the temps will rise rapidly with the front.  On the back end of the storm, another round of salt is possible.

1/5/2023 3pm – Early this morning crews were on standby as the forecast indicated we would have freezing rain and ice.  Though that did not materialize, we used the opportunity to salt most accounts as we expect freezing temps this evening and perhaps 1-2″ of snow tomorrow.  We are monitoring the situation, and will determine our mode of management in the morning based on updated information.  Due to the soft ground, minimal projected snow, light intensity, and relatively warm temps, we likely will opt to salt the event rather than plow.

12/21/22 9:45am – Christmas Break Notice – Maine Turf & Greenery will have reduced hours beginning this afternoon through Monday 12/26.  During this time period, the area will have a significant storm system pass through consisting primarily of heavy wind and rain.  With that said, a flash freeze is likely on the tail end of the storm along with a few flakes.  Crews will be called in ahead of this expected freeze period either late Friday or early Saturday to begin salting as soon as the rain ends.  As a reminder, we maintain an “on call” phone if customers need to contact us for a true icing or other weather related emergency, such as tree debris blocking roadways.  That number is 207-252-2700.  Alternatively for urgent but non-emergency events, email operations at

12/16/22 11:50pm – Update – Winter has arrived!   3-5″ of heavy wet snow has fallen, and it looks to continue well into tomorrow.  Crews are arriving over the next two hours to begin their routes.

12/16/22  5:10pm – Update – The warming trend has not come to fruition, and today we’ve observed a continuous mix of snow and rain.  Large corporate sites have been serviced throughout the day, and it is likely that most accounts will need some level of service by the end of the storm.  At this time we continue to monitor the weather, and anticipate crews being active prior to daybreak and throughout the day tomorrow.

12/15/22 5:45pm – Maine’s first major winter storm of the season appears to be trending a little warmer than expected.  Relative warm ocean temps have our service area expecting mostly rain, with possible snow mixing at times.  All crews are on standby, and this multi-day event will be monitored for any changes.  With that said, we do not have any dispatch times to share at this time.  If further updates are needed, we will post them here.

12/14/2022 4:00pm – The first major winter storm of the season is upon us, but the details on precipitation type and quantity are not exactly clear.  It is almost certain that slippery conditions will exist, so our crews will be pre-salting properties in the pre-dawn hours on 12/15/22.  As more data comes in over the next 24 hours, we will strategize to finalize our dispatch plan.  Until then, plan on some degree of travel disruption during the day, both on Friday and Saturday, as this storm really could be in the estimated range of 0-10″.  Check back tomorrow evening for our next update. 



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