Professional and Timely Service

Each property is managed with a customized package of seasonal services to meet the needs of the property and your budget. Our goal is to partner with our clients for many years, to ensure the property aesthetics and associated costs are in balance, and that timely services are provide without initiation by the client or interruption to them.
We encourage an open line of communication with one of our department managers to solidify our property beautification partnership. All essential contracted services are performed following an efficient and proven system, and you will know we are on the property with our professional looking crews and fleet.


SPRING – After a long Maine winter, nothing is more anticipated than spring. A thorough Spring Clean-Up is an essential property service to remove any debris left behind from Fall due to early snow or unfallen leaves at that time. Sweeping and clearing of parking lots is needed to reduce sediment in storm water control basins. It is also time to provide fresh cut bed edges that will provide a crisp look while also limiting grass encroachment into the mulch.

FALL – A properly cleaned property before snow is the most important aspect of property management. Without Fall Clean-Up, significant damage can occur to lawns and drainage easements due to accumulated debris. Because one never knows Mother Nature’s schedule, we provide multiple visits each Fall to keep the property as clean as possible before snow fall. In the process, we utilize leading industry equipment to recycle the valuable nutrients and carbon from leaves and grass, back into the lawn, reducing expensive and undesirable disposal.”

BARK MULCH – Nothing makes a statement of a property like freshly mulched planting beds. Utilizing a Maine-made product, with a long lasting natural dark brown color, we apply our mulch by hand so that plants are not buried. No bark blower machines here. Few companies take the time to be this detailed, but it is this effort that makes the difference in aesthetics and plant health. Proper mulching provides moisture retention, micro-climate cooling, erosion control, and weed protection.”

TURF & GROUNDS CARE – Maine Turf & Greenery will make weekly scheduled visits to ensure proper turf mowing, managing cutting height for growth rate and moisture. Clearing any trash or fallen sticks along the way, the turf will be left with defining mowing lines. Crisp trimming of all edges and final blowing of all hardscape surfaces freshens the property each visit.

Weeding and garden crews are scheduled according to property needs and budget. Turf health is enhanced with both industry standard fertility programs, along with more actively managed options that are tailored to meet specific environmental guidance.”

SHRUB AND SMALL TREE PRUNING – The pruning of ornamental shrubs and trees provides the immediate image that a property is professionally managed. Such pruning is species specific, with understanding of growth characteristics, plant health, flowering cycles, and desired formality level that the client and property demand. Because of this, pruning services are conducted year-round as-needed so to ensure your plants are protected and growth sustained.”


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