Professional Tree Care

Trees are often taken for granted here in Maine as we are more rural then most places.  Many property owners fail to have a management plan to care for their trees, resulting in many hazardous situations.  Trees can fail at anytime if in poor enough condition, causing significant harm to people, buildings, vehicles and other items.  Arborculture, the science of tree care, is very advanced and the ability to identify and keep a safe canopy is achievable.  Maine Turf and Greenery uses licensed arborist and skilled pruning teams to care for trees, reducing such liabilities while enhancing the aesthetics of the property.  Services such as tree removal, structural pruning, cabling, shaping and root collar excavations are all within our management plan. 


Insects and disease often cause weakness in trees.  For problematic properties that require such attention, we start with IPM (Integrated Pest Management) techniques, meaning we address the problem culturally first with the lowest impact to the environment.  If control products are needed, they are used sparingly and of a formulation that is as least toxic as possible.