It is Mulch Season.

Before your property can receive a new layer of mulch to freshen the appearance, there are some preliminary steps.  Maine Turf & Greenery takes great pride in details, specifically by providing deep and artisistically carved edges along planting beds.  We mechanically cut the edges with different machines as the site warrants and remove the resulting soil.  Mulch from previous years doesn’t fully decay and the dry remaining mulch is removed.  We ensure all planting beds are clear of leaves and other debris, prune dead branches and check that plants are not planted too deep.  When the preperations are complete, we spread a dark composted bark by hand and rake, never blown.   With this tried and true method, we ensure that the planting beds have the proper depth of mulch – about an average of 3” total of all bark, new and old.\


New accounts often need mulch removal because of over mulching.  Over mulching causes stress to plants because the built up dry mulch becomes hydrophobic, meaning it is so dry it doesn’t absorb water.  Another commonly observed mistake is “volcano” mulching.  Easily spotted as the mountain of mulch up the trunk of a tree, this uneducated method causes girdling roots to form about the crown of the plant, growing in circles around the trunk.  As these roots continue to grow and the diameter of the plant increases, these roots cut the bark and damage the vascular system of the plant.  Die back and death follow.  Thousands of trees die each year from poor mulching practices.