Maine winter experts.

Reliability equals safety.  That is the most important aspects of any winter management service.  For 20 years we have used a combination of work ethic and innovative technology to provide reliable, efficient and proven solutions to ensure operations as usual.  We take pride in managing properties that require 24 hour dedicated service, along with those that have more conventional operating hours.  We expect snow in Maine and we expect Maine to work when it snows.  Our customers trust us to ensure their business is open, regardless of what Mother Nature has planned.


Maine Turf & Greenery operates a fleet of modern trucks and equipment for plowing & salting, and is the state’s authority of Magic Salt, the only deicer recognized by the EPA as “Green for the environment”.   Reliable equipment and innovative products such as this, coupled with our superior operators and work ethic, ensures responsive solutions during the most grueling of seasons – Winter in Maine.


From parking garage roofs to parking lots, roadways to sidewalks, you can rely on Maine Turf & Greenery to ensure safe passage to keep your business running.  We are proactive storm managers, providing 24 hour on-call staff that keeps extensive records to limit the liabilities of all involved.


Learn more about our snow and ice management services, simply click here and a Maine Turf & Greenery representative will get in touch with you.