Perfect lines.

The American dream for many is a perfect lawn.  Though mowing is a rather simple task, there are skills and equipment that enhance the results.  Maine Turf & Greenery invests heavily in modern mowing equipment to provide the perfect cut.  Commercial mulching discharge mowers are the latest in technology, returning valuable grass clippings to the soil.  These finely chopped particles of grass and leaves virtually go unseen by the customer, fertilizing the lawn while also reducing disposal.  Our high powered vacuum mowers are still used to capture debris that maybe too heavy for the mulching mowers, leaving a spotless yard.  After mowing, all landscape beds and hardscape edges are trimmed on an angle to reduce grass encroachment while giving the property a touch of detail.  We leave your property after blowing off all hardscape areas.  Weather dependent, we’ll be back the same day next week. 


Starting usually the first week of May, we provide a weekly service that is truly hands-off for the homeowner.  Our foreman are trained to skip lawns in extreme draught and lack of growth.  Customers are provided with a per mowing price for a weekly service.  Skipped weeks are not billed, however all skips are determined by MTG.  Weekly mowings are invoiced monthly.   We do not do bi-weekly mowing of actively growing grass as that is very damaging to turf and causes machines to become clogged.